The very thought of the word evokes feelings of familiarity, security, and comfort. It’s peace of mind that we all relate to. Home is where the heart is. Home is where the spirit is. And home is where we most want to be.

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Quality Care for Independent Living

At Companion & Home Care, we provide the same type and level of companion care we give our own family members: driving to doctors’ appointments, attending the appointment, taking notes, reminders of the results of the visit, reporting the results to adult children unable to attend, checking the refrigerator for expired food, grocery shopping, or simply providing companionship.

Our team of nurses, certified nursing assistants and in-home aides provide support for activities of daily living such as dressing and bathing. We also work with family physicians to ensure support for medically ordered plans of care.

Family members who are primary caregivers often risk burnout themselves. We provide respite to family members who are in need of some well-deserved rest and personal time for themselves.

We operate as a team. While our clients and their families have a primary caregiver, we know that our clients needs may change or caregivers sometimes have scheduling conflicts. Our approach to these possibilities is to have a team of cross-trained caregivers who have met and been oriented with our clients, so if the need arises, we can schedule an alternate caregiver seamlessly. We continually communicate with each other to check on the well-being of our clients and on each other – even when we aren’t “on the clock.” This degree of care and compassion for our clients and our fellow team members is what sets us apart as stellar caregivers and wellness partners.

Our approach to care is holistic, meaning that while we provide care for a specific individual, we also consider their families to be clients as well. To this end, our mission is to ensure the well-being of our clients while providing peace of mind for their families.

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