The final touchdown

A retired marine awarded a purple heart and a bronze star. Active, lively, outgoing, full of energy. Then it happened – a fall while getting out of the car. He hit his head on the curb, had a mild stroke, lost use of his left arm and had great difficulty speaking and walking. I saw pictures around the house of … Read More

Home is where my mess is…

Pop planned to stay with me for three weeks. We get along great and both look forward to our time together. We go for walks, sit and read quietly, talk about theology, life experiences, cry a little and laugh a lot. Pop comes with me to the office where he sits in his rocking chair by the window and reads … Read More

Thoughts of gratitude

As this Thanksgiving holiday brings us to the close of our third month of providing in-home eldercare, I find myself ever grateful for the clients and families we have served. I am in awe of the caregivers who found their way to me with perfect timing. We have provided assistance with activities of daily living, transportation to medical appointments, reporting … Read More