The final touchdown

A retired marine awarded a purple heart and a bronze star. Active, lively, outgoing, full of energy. Then it happened – a fall while getting out of the car. He hit his head on the curb, had a mild stroke, lost use of his left arm and had great difficulty speaking and walking. I saw pictures around the house of … Read More

Who’s taking care of who?

I can’t help it. I get emotionally involved. This has to explain it. I seriously don’t have a weak stomach. When I was fifteen years old, I stayed awake to watch my own tonsillectomy. I have watched skin surgery on myself which ended with fifteen stitches taken. So when I took a sweet, sweet client to the doctor for wound … Read More

I miss my mom

She said this as her mother stood beside her. Her mother has rapidly progressing dementia. The mother of my good friend. I am around a lot so I see first-hand the angst of living with and caring for someone who was once vibrant, engaged, owned her own business and sang in the choir. Watching her awareness and recognition slowly fade. … Read More

Remember me – please?

This poignant plea uttered with both hope and fear. Made by a spouse who has lost a loved one. Quietly murmured to a friend, a neighbor, a caregiver. Silently directed at family members as they gather to grieve. Please keep caring about me. Call me to say hello and to ask how I’m doing. I may be feeling very sad … Read More