“I honestly thought I was going to have to uproot and move mom to Michigan last December. Then we found Amy Lock and Companion and Home Care LLC. The love, respect and care that the team has given my mom have helped her regain her health and vitality. Today, when I talk to my mom I can actually hear in her voice that she has regained zest and confidence. The compassionate and caring team provides individualized care focusing physical, mental and emotional well-being. My mom sees the team as “new friends”. Companion and Home Health LLC has allowed my mom to re-engage with her friends, neighbors, social groups and church. The people of Companion and Home Care have been a blessing my mom and our family – with them, my mom has remained independent and in her own home!”

Daughter – Grand Rapids, MI

“Every member of Companion and Home Care’s team is professional. They are always alert to my needs and adapt accordingly. I especially like the way they communicate with each other so everyone is up to date on how I’m doing, what we did during each visit and what my needs may be for next visit. Everyone is always timely and reliable.”

Client – Pine Knoll Shores, NC

“Companion and Home Care has been a blessing to our family. Their staff  is extremely dependable, capable and very nurturing to our mother. We will always recommend their services to others!”

Daughter – Swansboro, NC

“I know I am not going to get better but  I also know I will not have to go this alone. The folks at Companion and Home Care are here for me. They grocery shop for me, take me to Dr. appointments and help me with my personal needs. Sometimes we just sit and talk and sometimes we just sit and be. I appreciate knowing I can count on them and can tell they take my care very personally.”

Client – Emerald Isle, NC